Here you can find a list of some of my personal software projects. This list is probably woefully incomplete. At any given time I have several projects going on and I only occasionally get around to updating this page.

Intel 8080 Disassembler


A very simple disassembler for the Intel 8080 microprocessor, written in C. I wrote a blog post detailing the basics of how this project works here.



mTiler is a utility for Microsoft Windows that merges incomplete map tiles into complete tiles.


This is a simple command line utility that converts waypoints in a GPX file into a CSV file of waypoints. This was developed to allow me to view some of my personal landforms databases in a spreadsheet.


MBExport is a small, simple command-line utility that dumps map tiles from an MBTiles database.

NOAA Animator

This is a simple PHP application that downloads weather radar images from NOAA and converts them into animated GIFs.